Valendra Hollysword

A free spirited Eladrin Wizard


I am a good Arcanist Wizard. My strengths are intelligence and wisdom.


My family is the darkest of all the Eladrin Noble. We live in Lesadrik – a dark, heavily forested area. They are what you would call Drow sympathizers and feel a strong affinity for winter.

I spent the majority of my life trying to make my family happy, but I knew at a very young age that I was different from them. I was everything a young Eladrin girl should be, but this displeased my family, especially my mother. She was disgusted by my attraction to the softer more whimsical sides of nature, like butterflies, and often referred to me as a “lover of the light”

The turning point was when Zanaver Hollysword, a dear friend of mine, was killed in a battle with the Drow. Some members of my family witnessed this and did nothing to protect him or use their relationship to stop the attack.

After this event I left home, changed my name, and became an adventurer.

Valendra Hollysword

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