Eldric's Hallow

A Fork In The Road

Our heroes ventured into the East Willows and found a wounded Gremlish among the dangerous vine horrors the Four Feathers believed they had left behind. After travelling deep into the earth, the Four managed to defeat the vine-like creatures and even bring down the unkillable Fomorian brothers who laid dormant within this prison. The Four released the Gremlin children and Gremlish offered his many thanks and future services.

After returning to Hallow’s Hill, the Four found a town in quiet turmoil. Everyone was beginning to lose their memories and the Four knew this “Angel” was soon to follow. Through Clarice’s instruction, they knew their answer may lie in the settlement of Farrow’s Fork and so they ventured forth to find something….anything that could help.

Upon arriving at Farrow’s Fork they found themselves at odds with the keepers of this settlement, the four Dragonborn brothers: Christopher, Vasco, Ferdinand, and Marco. They were great explorers who became trapped by the receding waters at Farrow’s Fork and decided to become pirates and gamblers instead.

After some quick gambling, the brothers found forgiveness for the Four Feathers and formed an alliance to free themselves from the “Death Living Time Vex” that seemed to burden their settlement. They directed the Four towards Temple, a drow who had recently, or not so recently, made port at Farrow’s Fork.

This drow fancied himself a fashionable fellow and revealed his sickening obsession with tattooed flesh. Trades were offered and escalation mounted. Soon it became clear that this would not end without conflict. Before the blows were struck Temple revealed that he was in fact an agent of this Mysterious Master who has challenged the Four at every turn. Temple had been sent to Farrows Fork to lie in wait and to prepare for the Four’s arrival. It was a trap….but the Four were not without their resolve and cleverness. They bested the drow and his crew and brought an end to the “Death Living Time Vex.”

Farrow’s Fork may be free, but there is still a town to save. The Four must journey to Eldric’s Peak, but without a working (now broken) “Cypher”, they cannot open The Door. Luckily for them, Marco….is quite the clever Dragonborn.

The sun has set, and the Four rest and prepare for tomorrow’s journey, but their night does not end without a warning. Phrex, a dark one, has come again and with a warning. “She’s coming.” he says. “And she’s coming for you.”

A Mayor Returns and Satinshire Burns

On the last episode of the Four Feathers!

You stormed the home of Festin Laurel only to find a very drunk and soon to be poisoned brother of Matthew Laurel. No mastermind at all. After Festin was saved by some quick healing, you realized that this paralyzed doctor was not what he was assumed to be and upon returning to the Laurel’s, he or….she revealed their true nature. A Bog Hag from the East Willows…..the site of old Fomorian Ruins…..

The battle raged around an unconscious Catherine and Matthew as you went to town on the Bog Hag and her minion Claire. Windows were smashed (mostly by javelins) and carpets were torched but in the end, you were victorious. After releasing the spell, Matthew and Catherine thanked you for your good deeds and offered a prized family heirloom which had been used against them, The Antipathy Gloves. You accepted and Catherine took a moment to apologize for her behavior (cough “racism” cough) and promised to make the acceptance of others a priority for Hallow’s Hill. Before leaving, you found a disturbing note on the body of the Bog Hag. It was a sketch of the Laurel Family with a strange signature at the bottom and a short word written in Deep Speech: “Goodluck”.

You rested from your fight and took the time to make a few purchases. An amulet from Teddy, a feisty wolf from “Raph’s Tumblers” named Bark! Bark! and a couple toys to boot. You returned the wolf puppy to Jacob and he couldn’t have been happier.

You ventured back to The Snuggle Inn preparing for the worst, but all you found was a very sad, very injured Innkeeper, Barnabas Snuggles, who had just passed the dreaded vine curse….in the most unpleasant way possible. After bringing him a blanket and some milk, he rested and offered you a night free at the Snuggle Inn.

Before venturing off, you followed a trail behind the Snuggle Inn because seriously…..what the hell happened to that young doctor!? Turns out he had been tied to a tree for the last several hours. Dr. Marx thanked you and offered you two Potions of Healing for your help. He promised to check on the Laurels before leaving.

You slept and began the next day the same way you always do, you hit the Lightweight’s Tavern where you found Fenzin enjoying a morning pint (because of course). He gave you directions to reach Satinshire and you were on your way.

The halfling town seemed normal at first, but upon closer inspection, the townsfolk were acting much more like dolls than anything else. You ventured down the Lemon-colored street to Theopholus’s estate and marveled at his sculptures and mastery. As you stepped into his backyard the overwhelming eeriness could not be ignored and it soon became clear that his muse…this fountain was not what it appeared to be. It lashed out and called for its doll-like children to come to its aid and so it was time to explode some homunculi. Wave after wave they flooded the garden, but your efforts brought the fountain creature shattering to the grass below. Theopholus begged for forgiveness and only remarked that the gift of the muse was too great. That people expected him to continue sculpting…..that it must go on. He gave his arm and soon the whole town to this monster in exchange for fame……and nothing more. On his workstation you found a note from a mysterious investor who had lead Theopholus to Satinshire in the first place. The investor left no name, only a strange signature and the word: “Goodluck”.

You left Theopholus for the wrath of the Gremlins who had been driven from their homes by this fountain. In the end you were able to burn his horrific works to the ground and retrieve a powerful weapon known as the Wand of Wonder.

You returned to the Snuggle Inn of Hallow’s Hill to sleep off the day’s trials and disturbances. Of course….something was stirring on the fringes of Hallow’s Hill….but what….you can’t be sure.

The Rescue of Jacob and the Laurels

After defeating the Owlbear, you heard the cries of what sounded like a young boy. In haste you ran down a long dark hallway and a well placed trap was there to greet you. After deciphering its design you bravely charged into a ritual chamber teeming with kobolds and proceeded to give them the worst day ever consisting of but not limited to: Multiple eye/head explosions, Crispifying, Baseball Darth Mauling, and Horn impaling. Needless to say, the rescue was a success. You released Jacob and proceeded to destroy the altar (with some badass footery from Jacob himself). Before leaving, Ichi managed to pull a strange orb from the rags of a fallen kobold priest. It had a strange symbol (memory flash!) on it and written in Draconic it read: “Goodluck”.

After returning Jacob to his father, Max, he was so overjoyed he gave Maku his prized GreatAxe. An ancient weapon passed down by his family. Afterwards,everyone relaxed and took a well-earned rest.

In the morning, dressed in pajamas and onesies, everyone fell into what started as a medical emergency but moved on to quite the family affair. It seems that Catherine, is not who she appears or at least not who she was. You charged or politely pushed yourselves into the presence of a dying Matthew, Catherine, and the family lawyer. Through some intense interrogation and a little intuition it seems Catherine had returned to her former self….but the same could not be said for the lawyer. In an instant, he burst from the room to the lawn below, scrambling for Festin’s home. You gave chase and this lawyer revealed his true vine-like nature. Through swirling flames and mind-fuckery, you managed to bring him down. After tying him up, he explained that he was working for Festin and that Festin would gain control of the family estate and the Mayorship. Before igniting himself, he made one last little comment. His master knows exactly what’s going on and has heard everything….

The Story so Far....

4 Strangers awoke in a mass grave alongside a deceased young woman. Each stranger had lost their memory and yet all of your clothes and weapons remained and Maku had found a strange cracked compass around his neck. As you struggled to break free, the earth shattered beneath you and everyone tumbled into the middle of a Gnoll ritual cockfight (pretty par for the course). A ritual that had taken place in the ancient catacombs of the Fomorians (Evil Purple Giants).

After defeating them and forcing your way to the surface, battling mushroom monsters and all, you met with a Dark One named Phrex. He seemed a bit surprised to see you alive. He claimed you had failed and “she” was coming to replace you and then POOF, he disappeared. It seems you were not as nice as you think you were.

You made your way to Fellbrook and found it had been completely destroyed by what you can’t be sure. There you met Clarice and her guards (including Fenzin the Rippling). She told you of the Angel and what had happened to Timber Town and now Fellbrook. She claims that you had met them before and promised to solve the problem then, although you were much different back then. You returned her deceased sister Nina and agreed to travel to Hallows Hill, one of the last few towns left. On your way you felt the crippling pains inside your head and knew something must be wrong. After asking further questions, you were told the story of Eldric’s Hallow. How a great wizard, Eldric Fellentear arrived to these war torn lands and sought to end the land’s suffering after decades of decay caused by the Fomorians and their brutal campaign. He found a powerful evil in the Memorin forest and turned its own power against it, thus creating the Memorin root. With the root and some surprising power, Eldric managed to bring the memory of a once glorious land back to the very dry and decayed soil itself. Beautiful lush trees grew from desert, waters flowed down from the mountain once more, and people returned to this new land, now called: Eldric’s Hallow.

Once you arrived at Hallows Hill, you explored the town at great length:

  • You met Teddy of Teddy’s Trinkets, so called salesman and knower of all things magic……although he seems a bit off and not so knowledgeable. He claims to have found you dead. He may have borrowed some gold. To repay you, he passed along a lucky pebble to each of you.
  • You shared a drink with Sarah at The Lightweights Tavern, eyes and ears of the town. You met a few drunks. One had been crying for days, wallowing in the sorrow of his dead father. Another retold his story and escape from Fellbrook and how he could hear and see the bright light of the Angel before it destroyed the town.
  • You met some town royalty, Catherine Laurel and her butler, Wesley. She was caring for her sick husband Matthew, brother of playboy Festin Laurel who occasionally frequents the Snuggle Inn.
  • You stayed the night at the Snuggle Inn and met a whimsical gremlin you’ve named “Gremlish” (the language of his people). He returned the gold he had stole (which you returned….eventually to a poor and very drunk man) and Gremlish also mentioned the “Treasure of Satinshire”. He also revealed that you were once and still are known as the “Four Feathers”, a powerful group feared across the lands (he may have soiled himself). He performed one final incantation on you for your kindness, then vanished.
  • You met with Clarice and realized the only way to protect the memories of Hallow’s Hill and stop the memory pain, was to retrieve some Memorin root at the source, the Memorin Forest….Temple of the Silent Statues.

You traveled to the Memorin Forest and made it inside the sacred temple through a series of “memory challenges”. After confronting your past fears, you battled the ancient Ustilagor (or should I say completely obliterated) and retrieved Eldric’s powerful Bastard Sword, the “Mindcrusher”. You gathered up the root and left the temple.

On the way out….things got weird. Time froze for almost all of you, a white 4 armed creature stepped out revealing a strange color wheel only speaking in whistles. When you tried to take it, it freaked out and vanished….wtf

You returned to town and boiled the root, creating 30 vials of Memorin Root to be distributed. You took some yourself and the mental pain left you. You took some of the seeds to the outskirts of town to plant them for safe keeping…..just in case. As you returned to town you ran into a very frantic Max CastIron, the local blacksmith. He had lost his boy, Jacob after he ran into the West Willows to find his lost dog. After further investigation it seems that MANY pets had gone missing in the West Willows recently. So you took action and ventured in finding some tracks leading to a large cave. After entering you find a hidden chamber that spiraled down into the earth, close to the foot of Eldric’s Peak. In the chamber were Draconic markings….possibly the workings of Kobolds. A strange blood trail spiraled out in front of you leading down a dark hallway. Instead of following it, you moved to a room on the right and found yourself face to face with an OwlBear! You battled bravely and were victorious.

Now you stand in the OwlBear’s chambers. Wounded. Without rest. And in the underground chamber of something that has taken to keeping an OwlBear as its pet…….

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