Maku the Gregarious

Minotaur fighter. Very friendly.


A minotaur fighter from the Clan of the Volcanic Garden Labyrinth. (Minotaur clans take their names from the labyrinths they call home, even many years after their forefathers have left the labyrinths behind.) Maku is unlike most of his people, in that he seems to have found the balance between the bestial rage they grapple with and the enlightenment they crave. He now feels no call from the beast within, though neither does he seem to practice the ways of meditation used by his people.

Feeling he is no longer one of them, Maku has left his tribe and gone on a quest for adventure, and to find his way…


Seven years ago, when Maku the Gregarious was only 15 (and still known only as Maku the Friendly), he mated with a female minotaur, Xotha (only a year older, but much fiercer). They got pregnant, but the baby, a boy named Krutha, was stillborn. Xotha lost her mind to rage and the beast within, and became Xotha the Brutal and Remorseless. Maku left the tribe to go find himself.

Maku the Gregarious

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