Ignicarro (firehide)

Firehide (true secret name: Ignicarro), The Shadow Hunter


A warlock trained in the infernal arts, specializing in fire based spells. Believes it to be a particular brand of irony when he slays a demon with his own craft.

Uses magic in “The Old Way”, no wands, no rods, using only his hands. It was once believed, that though focusing tools like wands were largely accepted, the true way to cast magic is with one’s hands. The reasoning behind this being that one would only cast magic if necessary; if someone needlessly used magic, inevitable backfiring spells would result in “loss of limb” syndrome.

Tells few people his actual name, taught the belief that to know ones true name gives power over that person.


Long ago, an ancient society arose in a hidden valley far to the East. Its people, born with an innate affinity for magic thrived in this isolated yet fertile land. What started as a tribe, was soon a town and from there, a city name Civisconde (The hidden city)arose out of obscurity. Trade was soon established with neighboring cultures, Civisconde’s chief export being magic of all uses and services. Within a short period all of the known world recognized Civisconde as the magical capital of the East.

Yet a shadow began to loom over the horizon, and soon one by one outlying towns and cities furthest from the capital began to fall to an unknown enemy. Within days of the first town falling, soon Horoscii, sister city to Civisconde was attacked. A massive horde of vile looking marauders sacked Horoscii, slaying or enslaving all of its inhabitants and setting fire to the whole of the city. As quick as was possible, Civisconde mustered what forces it had, never having had any standing military (never had it needed one), prepared to defend itself against this mysterious enemy. Only two days after Horoscii was destroyed, the horde arrived and attempted to siege Civisconde.

Yet Civisconde was the magical capital of the known world and having prepared in advance, the city was ready to lay waste to these armies of darkness. A pillar of fire 20 meters high arose like a wave in front of the enemy force and engulfed them entirely. Yet just as the people began to rejoice with victory, the devils emerged from the fire, seemingly unfazed by the display of magic. What was hoped to have only lasted a fortnight, had extended into a month long campaign and the people of Civisconde were getting desperate.

Pacts were signed with dark entities in an attempt to gain power and in hopes that some advantage might be found over the marauding enemy. And once the souls of all of those within the city had been subjugated, the demons revealed a spell that would wholly annihilate the enemy at their doorstep. Darkness centered over Civisconde and a massive unholy army burst through the clouds and laid waste to all of the invaders. Though victory had been attained, something strange and unnerving started to occur. The demons who granted the means to destroy the mysterious enemy seemed to grow dramatically in power as the horde was extinguished. The most powerful of the cities magic weavers began to suspect they were deceived and through heavy use of the dark magics they were taught, they uncovered a startling and soul crushing truth. It was uncovered that the demons they had drawn pacts with were the ones who had unleashed the marauding horde in teh first place! In fact, it was all part of a grand design in order to seize the souls of the inhabitants of the most magical city in the world. Upon discovering this truth, of which the demons were wholly aware of their meddling, the visage and form of every person within Civisconde transformed to reflect the vile form of the invading army they had just destroyed…

Yet the demons’ plans did not go unnoticed, Asmodeus was enraged with the sheer audacity the demons showed in their willingness to tamper with the material world. With one sudden and massive blow, he would destroy the abyssal entities and strike their names from existence. Yet, a moment before the blow was struck, one demon made a choice that was wholly remarkable. He surrendered to Asmodeus ashamed of what his brethren had done and claimed that he had taken no souls for his own. Asmodeus saw the truth in this, but was still angered for his unwillingness to act and prevent the events from ever unfolding. And so Asmodeus let him live, yet banished the demon to the material world and bestowed upon him a great and terrible duty… to teach the world the hidden ways to defend against and destroy his own kind.

The great city of Civisconde had fallen, its inhabitants (now known as Tieflings) were scattered and legend of the wandering devil known as Vaard spread. Civisconde had passed into legend.

1400 years later, a certain wandering earthbound demon stumbles upon a young Tiefling man, and renews again his great charge with this new apprentice.

Ignicarro (firehide)

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