Eldric's Hallow

The Rescue of Jacob and the Laurels

After defeating the Owlbear, you heard the cries of what sounded like a young boy. In haste you ran down a long dark hallway and a well placed trap was there to greet you. After deciphering its design you bravely charged into a ritual chamber teeming with kobolds and proceeded to give them the worst day ever consisting of but not limited to: Multiple eye/head explosions, Crispifying, Baseball Darth Mauling, and Horn impaling. Needless to say, the rescue was a success. You released Jacob and proceeded to destroy the altar (with some badass footery from Jacob himself). Before leaving, Ichi managed to pull a strange orb from the rags of a fallen kobold priest. It had a strange symbol (memory flash!) on it and written in Draconic it read: “Goodluck”.

After returning Jacob to his father, Max, he was so overjoyed he gave Maku his prized GreatAxe. An ancient weapon passed down by his family. Afterwards,everyone relaxed and took a well-earned rest.

In the morning, dressed in pajamas and onesies, everyone fell into what started as a medical emergency but moved on to quite the family affair. It seems that Catherine, is not who she appears or at least not who she was. You charged or politely pushed yourselves into the presence of a dying Matthew, Catherine, and the family lawyer. Through some intense interrogation and a little intuition it seems Catherine had returned to her former self….but the same could not be said for the lawyer. In an instant, he burst from the room to the lawn below, scrambling for Festin’s home. You gave chase and this lawyer revealed his true vine-like nature. Through swirling flames and mind-fuckery, you managed to bring him down. After tying him up, he explained that he was working for Festin and that Festin would gain control of the family estate and the Mayorship. Before igniting himself, he made one last little comment. His master knows exactly what’s going on and has heard everything….



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