Eldric's Hallow

A Mayor Returns and Satinshire Burns

On the last episode of the Four Feathers!

You stormed the home of Festin Laurel only to find a very drunk and soon to be poisoned brother of Matthew Laurel. No mastermind at all. After Festin was saved by some quick healing, you realized that this paralyzed doctor was not what he was assumed to be and upon returning to the Laurel’s, he or….she revealed their true nature. A Bog Hag from the East Willows…..the site of old Fomorian Ruins…..

The battle raged around an unconscious Catherine and Matthew as you went to town on the Bog Hag and her minion Claire. Windows were smashed (mostly by javelins) and carpets were torched but in the end, you were victorious. After releasing the spell, Matthew and Catherine thanked you for your good deeds and offered a prized family heirloom which had been used against them, The Antipathy Gloves. You accepted and Catherine took a moment to apologize for her behavior (cough “racism” cough) and promised to make the acceptance of others a priority for Hallow’s Hill. Before leaving, you found a disturbing note on the body of the Bog Hag. It was a sketch of the Laurel Family with a strange signature at the bottom and a short word written in Deep Speech: “Goodluck”.

You rested from your fight and took the time to make a few purchases. An amulet from Teddy, a feisty wolf from “Raph’s Tumblers” named Bark! Bark! and a couple toys to boot. You returned the wolf puppy to Jacob and he couldn’t have been happier.

You ventured back to The Snuggle Inn preparing for the worst, but all you found was a very sad, very injured Innkeeper, Barnabas Snuggles, who had just passed the dreaded vine curse….in the most unpleasant way possible. After bringing him a blanket and some milk, he rested and offered you a night free at the Snuggle Inn.

Before venturing off, you followed a trail behind the Snuggle Inn because seriously…..what the hell happened to that young doctor!? Turns out he had been tied to a tree for the last several hours. Dr. Marx thanked you and offered you two Potions of Healing for your help. He promised to check on the Laurels before leaving.

You slept and began the next day the same way you always do, you hit the Lightweight’s Tavern where you found Fenzin enjoying a morning pint (because of course). He gave you directions to reach Satinshire and you were on your way.

The halfling town seemed normal at first, but upon closer inspection, the townsfolk were acting much more like dolls than anything else. You ventured down the Lemon-colored street to Theopholus’s estate and marveled at his sculptures and mastery. As you stepped into his backyard the overwhelming eeriness could not be ignored and it soon became clear that his muse…this fountain was not what it appeared to be. It lashed out and called for its doll-like children to come to its aid and so it was time to explode some homunculi. Wave after wave they flooded the garden, but your efforts brought the fountain creature shattering to the grass below. Theopholus begged for forgiveness and only remarked that the gift of the muse was too great. That people expected him to continue sculpting…..that it must go on. He gave his arm and soon the whole town to this monster in exchange for fame……and nothing more. On his workstation you found a note from a mysterious investor who had lead Theopholus to Satinshire in the first place. The investor left no name, only a strange signature and the word: “Goodluck”.

You left Theopholus for the wrath of the Gremlins who had been driven from their homes by this fountain. In the end you were able to burn his horrific works to the ground and retrieve a powerful weapon known as the Wand of Wonder.

You returned to the Snuggle Inn of Hallow’s Hill to sleep off the day’s trials and disturbances. Of course….something was stirring on the fringes of Hallow’s Hill….but what….you can’t be sure.



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