Eldric's Hallow

A Fork In The Road

Our heroes ventured into the East Willows and found a wounded Gremlish among the dangerous vine horrors the Four Feathers believed they had left behind. After travelling deep into the earth, the Four managed to defeat the vine-like creatures and even bring down the unkillable Fomorian brothers who laid dormant within this prison. The Four released the Gremlin children and Gremlish offered his many thanks and future services.

After returning to Hallow’s Hill, the Four found a town in quiet turmoil. Everyone was beginning to lose their memories and the Four knew this “Angel” was soon to follow. Through Clarice’s instruction, they knew their answer may lie in the settlement of Farrow’s Fork and so they ventured forth to find something….anything that could help.

Upon arriving at Farrow’s Fork they found themselves at odds with the keepers of this settlement, the four Dragonborn brothers: Christopher, Vasco, Ferdinand, and Marco. They were great explorers who became trapped by the receding waters at Farrow’s Fork and decided to become pirates and gamblers instead.

After some quick gambling, the brothers found forgiveness for the Four Feathers and formed an alliance to free themselves from the “Death Living Time Vex” that seemed to burden their settlement. They directed the Four towards Temple, a drow who had recently, or not so recently, made port at Farrow’s Fork.

This drow fancied himself a fashionable fellow and revealed his sickening obsession with tattooed flesh. Trades were offered and escalation mounted. Soon it became clear that this would not end without conflict. Before the blows were struck Temple revealed that he was in fact an agent of this Mysterious Master who has challenged the Four at every turn. Temple had been sent to Farrows Fork to lie in wait and to prepare for the Four’s arrival. It was a trap….but the Four were not without their resolve and cleverness. They bested the drow and his crew and brought an end to the “Death Living Time Vex.”

Farrow’s Fork may be free, but there is still a town to save. The Four must journey to Eldric’s Peak, but without a working (now broken) “Cypher”, they cannot open The Door. Luckily for them, Marco….is quite the clever Dragonborn.

The sun has set, and the Four rest and prepare for tomorrow’s journey, but their night does not end without a warning. Phrex, a dark one, has come again and with a warning. “She’s coming.” he says. “And she’s coming for you.”



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